domingo, julho 10, 2011

Esboço de pequena missiva ao triunvirato

Bcc: Mrs Angela Merkel

Dear Sirs,
Again I have to renounce to my mother language to address someone. I hope my technical English is a bit better than the one my former prime Minister used to address you in.
First of all, I want to inform you that I did not vote for the former Prime Minister, and in fact, neither for any of the former Prime Ministers before him. That does not mean that I vote for any radical party, I just vote according to my conscience, and the stupid electoral law does not allow any more parties to be in Parliament than the 5 ones we have for years…
Not being an expert, and not pretending to be one, I, as a concerned citizen, have some very very simple questions about the MoU that you kindly presented to our political parties.

The good news: some expenditure cuts mainly those regarding what we call the “fat” within the State are good and should have been done by our politicians years ago.

Now the questions…

Are you sure you want us to pay the debt? Really?
Because, reading the MoU sometimes I have serious doubts about it…
Let’s see. The intention is to pay or to increase the debt?
Can you point out one case where you reduced the public deficit in so little time and in such a drastic way, foreseeing also a recession for several years and a loan with such high rates that did not end up creating more debt? I’m talking about a scenario where you cannot devaluate the currency… 
So, your plan is to make us beg for another loan 2 years from now? Is that it? Moody’s guessed it… Why? If it is for us to be pushed out of the euro, better to leave it now...

Just one more smaller thing that I cannot understand and seems a bit inconsistent with the rest:

Why on earth you explicitly say to review all public private partnerships but do not refer to a cancellation of the TGV? Or even suspension? Or review? Has this anything to do with a certain promise of a certain deal with a certain company in a certain European member state? 
Can you guarantee that my grandchildren will not be still paying a train that cannot sustain itself?

Because of our corrupt politicians but also of this agreement that should have foreseen some space for growth, our country is now ready to be even more looted…
Do not doubt for one moment that we’ll keep our word. But then there will be no more Portugal left.

See you in a few months.
Hoping you remember that growth means money, yours sincerely,


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